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What's The Cannabis Corner?

The Cannabis Corner is a leading podcast, featuring an open conversation about medical marijuana and where it is headed in America. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and yet is still misunderstood, The Cannabis Corner strives to bring truthful language to the subject. 

Hosted by author Joshua Braff and Head Grower & CareGiver Adam Titelbaum, this podcast sheds light on questions about medicinal marijuana as a healthier alternative to alcohol or pills. 

This podcast features interviews with experts, physicians, researchers, patients and growers.

All questions are important. What’s a CBD? What edibles should I try for sleep? How do I know what too much looks like? What is dabbing? Is vaping safer than smoking? Is it safe to buy it where I live?  

The goal is to present an accessible and warm community of flat out understanding. 

Have a listen and please let us know what you think - and let us know your questions. 

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